Agriculture Resource Center

Resources for all residents to garden, farm, and steward the land across the City.

Program Overview

The Agricultural Resource Center (ARC) is an early implementation project of the City of Philadelphia’s first Urban Agriculture Plan. The project will be launched in 2024. As Farm Philly and agricultural activities in the City expand, the Agriculture Resource Center will provide resources for farmers, gardeners, and residents interested in learning more about growing food. The ARC will provide an all-in-one center for gardening and basic food needs, such as the tools necessary to start a garden or farm, fruit and vegetable seeds, soil testing kits, compost, and gardening knowledge in the form of public workshops.

At the ARC, residents can expand and cultivate food production and their agricultural knowledge by utilizing the tool library, outdoor learning space, and engaging in community programming. It will be strategically located in West Fairmount Park, in what Farm Philly is developing as an agricultural hub.

Program History

In 2019, Parks & Rec began its public engagement process for the City’s first comprehensive urban agriculture plan entitled “Growing from the Root.” As part of the planning process, Philadelphia farmers and growers described and documented how growing food has the power to heal communities by supporting residents in self-reliance and determination. As a response to that, Farm Philly plans to add another asset for the urban agriculture community to expand the capacity to grow food in the city. This investment into developing the ARC will be pivotal in developing residents’ ability to respond to local food production. 

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the launch of the ARC in 2024!

Concept Design by Studio Bryan Hanes.
urban agriculture application building