Agriculture Project Resources

Pathways to Land

Public Interest Law Center, Garden Justice Legal Initiative
An organization that provides direct Represents growers in need of pro bono counsel, and provides key policy research and analysis on urban agriculture, garden, and open space policy in Philadelphia:

Neighborhood Gardens Trust
A Philadelphia-based land trust dedicated to preserving and supporting community gardens and other shared open spaces across the city:

Philadelphia Land Bank
A resource to learn about acquiring a publicly owned property or obtaining an urban garden agreement:

Grounded in Philly
A hub for growers that provides access to data on vacant land throughout Philadelphia and offers resources for residents interested in starting or preserving community-led vacant land projects:

Vacant Land
215 Toolkit A comprehensive self-guide for gardeners looking to maintain or create community spaces on vacant land:

Compost, Mulch, Wood Chips

Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center
Offers free and affordable compost, mulch, and wood chips:

Water and Water Testing

Philadelphia Water Department Guide for Urban
Gardens and Farms A guide to support growers in gaining access to water resources:

Penn State Extension
Testing water is important for diagnosing problems that may be related to water quality as well as for assessing water nutrient content. Penn State’s Agricultural Analytical Services lab offers water testing for interested growers:


Fruit Trees, Yard Trees and Street Trees

Philadelphia Orchard Project
A nonprofit that supports community-based groups and volunteers to plan and plant fruit and nut orchards:

A program of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Fairmount Park Conservancy that supports city residents in planting and caring for trees, and increasing tree canopy coverage in every Philadelphia neighborhood. The program hosts free yard tree giveaway events:

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
A resource about how to get street trees and yard trees planted in the city:
How to get a tree planted in Philadelphia.pdf

Tree Tenders, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
A free annual program for residents to learn the basics of tree biology, identification, planting, and care:

Greenhouse Space

Community Propagation Program
A program of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation that provides rentable table space for residents to start seedlings for the season in a City-operated greenhouse at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center:

Farmers Markets

Operate a Farmers Market in Philadelphia
A City of Philadelphia guide for residents or business owners who want to register and operate farmers markets to sell food directly to customers:

The Food Trust
A nonprofit that operates a network of farmers markets in Philadelphia. Community organizations and residents can partner with the Food Trust to start new farmers markets in their neighborhoods:

Farm to City
A local business that operates many farmers markets and aids community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms to find members and serve local communities and markets year-round with locally grown food:

Soil Testing and Safety

Penn State Extension The Philadelphia County Extension office offers soil test kits and reports to growers that want test their soil:

Soil Safety and Urban Gardening in Philadelphia Guide
A document produced by the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council for the City of Philadelphia that provides recommendations and policy research to inform growers of soil health and safety, as well as a soil safety policy for the City:

Gardening Resources

Community Gardens Program, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
A program for new and existing community gardens in the city that offers resources, workshops, supplies, technical assistance, and educational support for growers:

Garden Tenders, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
A free annual program of for residents to learn all the basics of starting a community garden:

Master Gardeners Program
A program of Penn State Extension that offers in-depth workshop series on gardening and horticulture:

Philadelphia Urban Farm Network
A Google group where Philadelphia growers share resources, agriculture- and horticulture-related questions, job opportunities, and more:

Advocacy Resources

Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council
A food policy advocacy organization made up of members from across the food system who advise the mayor, city agencies, and City Council to create a more just local food system:

Soil Generation
A Black- and Brown-led coalition of growers in Philadelphia, building a grassroots movement through relationship building, honoring culture, community education, organizing, activism, and advocacy:

Cesar Andreú Iglesias Community Garden
A community garden that aims to preserve community gardens and community-led spaces  through grassroots organizing and to provide multigenerational activities for the local community, create harmony and balance with local ecosystems, and grow edible fruits and vegetables and plant medicine: