Community Propagation Program

Affordable greenhouse growing space for residents, farms, businesses and organizations

Program Overview

The Community Propagation Program (CPP) manages the City’s only public greenhouse space – located at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center, 100 N Horticultural Drive. The program provides rental table space, unlimited potting soil, daily watering and oversight for residents and organizations to grow seedlings for their gardens and farms. The greenhouse also offers a communal space for growers to gather and share information and experiences. The CPP is used by urban farmers, community gardeners, backyard gardeners, herbalists, seed keepers, and environmentalists. Each year, members start over 100,000 plants, growing approximately 950,000 thousand pounds of food throughout every region of the City.

Program History

In 2016, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society partnered to establish the CPP after members of the urban agriculture community requested greenhouse space from the City. The program started with 45 tables rented to individuals, community gardens, for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. In 2019, Parks & Rec began administering the program in partnership with the Fairmount Park Conservancy and expanded to 65 tables. In 2020 CPP closed at the start of the pandemic. In 2021 CPP was reopened and the number of tables expanded to 75.

Program Suspended

The Community Propagation Program is currently suspended. The greenhouse roof needs major repairs and is currently unsafe for occupancy. Farm Philly will reopen the program as soon as it can do so safely.

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Quotes from the Urban Agriculture Community